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I think making leggings look good has less to do with what sex (or gender) you are and more to do with your physical build and how you wear them. They generally look good on women of any size because we have curvier legs, and the skin-hugging effect is flattering to our shape. I see a lot of ballet and opera performers where I work, and the tights that male dancers wear are actually very flattering and do a fantastic job showing off their muscle. Seriously, whichever doofus insisted that all male superheroes should look like Hulk Hogan and all female superheroes like Pamela Anderson has obvious never looked at professional ballet dancers.

What I do wish people would remember is that for day to day streetwear, LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. Unless they are made from a thicker material like woven acrylic or wool and therefore totally opaque, people should not wear them as pants. Especially if they don't have shapewear on underneath or don't do squats often. Just put some shorts or a skirt or a long tunic-like shirt on, people.

Honestly, between girls who don't know how to wear leggings and guys who wear their jeans low so their butts are hanging out, the aesthetic appeal of butts has come close to being totally ruined for me.
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