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Hi~ I was the Sasha from Seikon no Qwaser! {The person people kept thinking was a kid with a blondish white wig and the red 'scar' on his face. I also had a scythe when my friend didn't take it.. lol}
Honestly.. I didn't really have much of a problem with the con this time, the staff were rather nice to me and my friend, the con goes were incredibly fun and since i knew a few of the venders I got to have a few interesting conversations.
Though we were pretty much just in the hall way and where the doors to get in were it seemed more like that was due to the fact there was construction going on down the end of the hall and not once was I told I wasn't able to go up the escalator. Sure one time the woman that was there asked where me and my friend was going but she seemed more worried we were having a bad time and leaving instead of forcing us to stay.
I'm not really sure why people found it annoying that the staff kept asking to check your stamps, you have to realize DTAC is a business and the staff are there to make sure DTAC makes its money. The staff can't remember every single person who were at the con and got a stamp. Lol.
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