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Originally Posted by Mr Zero View Post
I think I know exactly what youre talking about. 2 years back one of my best friends was in a similar situation with someone else. Its best to be honest with people. If the person is really a friend they wont be upset. My friend held off on saying anything which made it worse and now theyre not really friends anymore
I have problems vocalizing my thoughts and feelings too. I avoid phone calls as much as possible and have the least amount of minutes I can get on my phone plan. Most of the time I just don't talk because I don't have anything relevant to add to the discussion. And with my past being what it is, it just doesn't feel like people are really listening while that may not be the case. I'm afraid of the feedback that I'll get for saying what I feel or how I feel or what I think about something =/ I'm afraid that I might hurt someone or push people away with what I have to say. I'd like to tell my boyfriend that I love him...but I'm just still going to keep that to myself...and this thread.

I get upset easily too these days. And, I obviously don't like it when I get upset but I just get frustrated sometimes - probably my own fault and my lack of communication I'm sure...but still. I know people aren't psychic...but seriously there are just some things people should know by now o_O

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