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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Yea lol that's why I said they are too small lol
And actually, in my moms house, it's WAY old, and the door hallway jams (yes the hallways have them for some stupid reason lol) have HUGE lips on them and my brothers (who work out A LOT) can do them on there. I have NO idea how they can do that though lol
My place has about an inch or so for our doorways, and I can cope reasonably well with that. That said, my fingers aren't exactly in love with me after.

Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Anyway, doing them at anowhere other then a place to continue working out won't help in what I was talking about..I was talking about doing that metabolic conditioning thing, so I can;t really do much of that stuff at a bus stop or the like..
If you can't find a place to do them in line with your regular program, then its not going to matter when you do them during the day. So if you have the opportunity, just do them when convenient. If you are eating less than your TDEE to lose weight however, your not going to get much better at pullups. And if you are eating enough to get better at them, they will build your biceps and back muscles, more so than you'll want for crossplay.

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