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Project: What makes a good cosplay? (All cosplayers unite!)

Hello everyone!

In the senior year here in Sweden all students are supposed to complete a project in the end of the senior year in 2013.
My project thesis is "What makes a good cosplay?" and I have been making a cosplay and have attended conventions here in Sweden.
Then I have asked different cosplayers about their thoughts of my costume, but also about things like: why they cosplay? For how long they have cosplayed? and, What makes a good cosplay?
And now after being interviewing swedish cosplayers I now start to contact international cosplayers also.

I would really appreciate if you lend me your time and answer these questions:
(If you want it would be good if you include your name and where you are from~)

For how long have you been cosplaying?
Why do you cosplay?
What makes a good cosplay?
(<--- the most important question!)

If you could help me with this I would be so grateful.
Thank you! ^-^
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