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Sister-in-law posted this gem on Bookface this morning.

"I am glad the fundraiser went well last night from Sandy Victims 12-12-12. I do believe that if people reallt want to help. Go volunteer and rebuild a house. Acts speak loud than donations".

My reaction:

1) What's your beef with the english language/grammar? Because there's no excuse for the way you're treating it right now?
2) Are you seriously shitting on people who gave money/clothing/goods to hurricane victims? Really? YOU'RE A FUCKING TEACHER, THIS IS THE SHIT THAT YOU THINK OF?
3) Your sister raised and contributed $600 for hurricane relief for your town, most of which went DIRECTLY to your Grandmother. What did you do? Make several FB posts to raise awareness. I'M SURE THOSE ACTS DID A LOT MORE RIGHT?
4) ::: gnashes keyboard in a fit of rage :::
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