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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
I love how they are saying "Poor constructio, Irregular seams and Very cheap materials" (as you put on here that were wrong), as a problem with not enough That's probably the worst excuse I've ever heard..I'm sorry you had to deal with this scam of a site..These things are exactly why I commission and make stuff myself..Even a decently made commission looks better then a cosplay sites costume..
The responses are getting more wacky, too.

Now they're accusing me of wanting to keep the money and the costume since I want a refund before I attempt to send back the costume. For me, since they make it clear that satisfaction isn't of their interest and they have yet to fulfill any of their promises, I'd rather have the money in hand first rather than take their word that they will do what they say they will.

@JasonTerror: I was trying to find a good commissioner for a costume for ALA due to my regular commissioner being busy until February 2013. Now, I'm pretty much out of time for the winter season unless I want to pay through the nose.
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