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Originally Posted by MaryWesker View Post

And yes, I ran into a few rude staffers, as I have every year. They're probably super stressed, I'm sure; but that's no reason to be rude to attendees who paid to be there just like others did. If they wanna check my weapon or prop they could politely ask rather than snap at me. And nobody said you could put your hands on me or the people I'm with. That's uncalled for. Or, if a hallway is crowded and moving slowly; don't shout at me as soon as you focus on a single person, I'm stuck in the traffic and can't move around any better than the people around me.
Firstly, I want to apologize that you had a "rude" experience with staff. As for the shouting, typically that is so everyone can hear the staffer trying to direct traffic, but sometimes yes, we need to learn better how to properly "be heard loudly" and again, I'm sorry you felt it was directed at you.
Secondly, if a staffer put their hands on you while doing a check, or in general if this occurs, please report this. All staffers have their names on their badges. Get their name. If you cannot get their name, get as best a description as possible of them and where this occurred, and please come to Con Ops and we will address it the best we can.
If you don't report these things until later and with little to no detail, it is very hard for our Chief Of Staff to address these things and for anything to be done without knowing as much fact as possible.
Please never feel like you cannot ask to speak to the appropriate staff at con when you have an issue with staff, etc.
And please feel free to sign up on Otakon's BBS if you have more questions specific to Otakon and want an actual staff answer, we will do the best we can to answer and address issues.

- Lauren G
Otakon Director of Operations 2013
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