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Besides makeup and foundation like everyone has mentioned, I also tan REALLY easily and so if you are not in an extremely heated country you could learn to mostly wear jeans or long pants for your legs because that is the hardest place to cover up skin tone. You can also buy bars of soaps that are made of papaya, it's a natural way to lighten skin, but it will not give an extremely drastic affect after a few uses; you would have to use it on the regular basis. Also you can use lemon juice that is a natural lightener that will not harm you, because it takes off the layer of dead skin cells that cause your skin to look darker. If you squeeze a lemon and put the juice on a rag or cotton swab you can scrub your skin in the shower or wash your face with it. However, be careful of the eye area, some people with sensitive skin do not like it, and it will also not give a fast affect. You can also look into getting lightening creams; it is very risky to just get any kind of cream so look at the chemicals that are in it and research them to make sure that it will not harm you. And don't forget sunscreen to help maintain the skin tone.
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