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Here are some places that I want to have photoshoots in eventually, hopefully they'll also work out for you:

Pike Place Market. At 6AM and after about 8PM it's all dark and empty and beautiful. A couple of pictures~

7th and Stewart US Courthouse. Outside there's this really cool sculpture/statue in the middle of a grassy circle, surrounded by small circular steps and a bunch of trees. At night they light it up and the whole area kind of glows. Behind this circular area, closer to the building itself, are these waterways on various stair levels with irises and other flowers and shrubs growing around them in the summer. I've never been inside, but apparently it's also really nice in there!

Pioneer Square Bus Tunnel. There's these amazing clocks and a balcony and I occasionally daydream about photoshooting here. o: Some pictures I found via Google. And the escalator coming up from the tunnel is amazing~ I was already halfway to the top when I took that picture. It seriously goes on forever.

Some of these pictures I found on Google and some are taken with my crappy 3.2MP cameraphone (sorry for the quality, it's usually all I have on me). Hopefully you can get a feel for the places I listed anyway. (:

Bonus: Just for funsies, it might be cool to have a photoshoot in Seattle Public Library's Red Floor. A couple pictures for you. And a neat escalator. If you Google Image Search for "Seattle Public Library" you can see some of the cool shots people have taken utilizing the building's lattice design.

All of these places are located in downtown Seattle, so if you plan on doing during-con photoshoots, these are viable options. Pike Place, the Courthouse, and the Library are all within 10 or 15 minutes walking distance from the Convention Center (depending on how quickly you walk). The Bus Tunnel is a bit farther out (but not by much), but since the tunnel system runs right by the Convention Center, you could technically bus over there very quickly.
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