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I had fun at the con, but I didn't like the fact that they were rushing to get us out. >_< Got a Bleach poster & Pocky. 8)

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I actually spent the whole time manning my plushie I can't really comment on the con as a whole. I got to walk around the dealers room for 5 minutes at 4:30, it seemed larger than last year. It didn't seem cattle-pen-ish.

Honestly, I feel a little hurt when people called this con "if you wanna pay $10 to sit around" as I volunteered my time to organize/run the workshop -- anyways, if you made a Kawaii Christmas tree I hope you had fun!!
I like making the Totoro plush, but I think if I wasn't rushing it because my boyfriend kept coming over it might have looked better :P, lol. My friend gave me her Christmas tree. I want to hang it on my tree.
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