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The "would not endorse a product that was not being delivered" bit confuses me. How would one enact that? Pulling down photos of the product? Withdrawing support for advertising? Although granted, it's genuinely helpful that someone whom the seller would actually listen to has stepped in to try rectifying people who have been screwed over. It's pretty ironic that he's asking people not to involve third parties when that appears to be what got him to step up and (kinda sorta) take responsibility.

I just can't believe you got messed up with your money like this. People shouldn't pull this kind of crap in the first place. Did someone with that much visibility just think he'd get away with this and that nobody would say anything ever? :S

That aside, if you have someone who is a legal representative involved, even if they're your family, it would be best to keep things quiet until after this issue is resolved. Better to be careful and keep the issue to your personal life and not write or post much about it because it could potentially compromise your case. Good luck, though, I hope you get your money back. I'm sorry to hear this happened. I'm so nervous to commission or order pre-made costumes because of how often I read stuff like this on the forums, so I can't blame you. It makes cosplay times unhappy and it makes it harder for the legitimate commissioners who work hard to get the business they need.
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