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Post Need a table for Artist Alley? I no longer want mine.

Hello! My name is Serenity, but most know me as Maru-sha. You may have seen me at ALA in the past waving a rainbow Yaoi flag~! ^ w ^

But everything aside, I have a table in artist alley that I no longer want.

Instead of waiting through a wait-list sea, I am willing to hand over my table to anyone who would like it.

I would like 65 dollars for the table. You're paying for my space (and the convenience of not being on a long and full wait-list). Getting in the room where artist alley is EARLY Friday morning means you can get your pick of the tables (that's how it was last year, so this could vary.)

I can take the money over PayPal (preferred) or in cash at the con.

1. A valid California sellers permit
They will not let you sell a thing without one. If you have questions on obtaining one, I can tell you want to do. But it must be done ASAP.

2. You must be there on day 0 or at the least VERY early Friday morning (8am)
This is so we can sort all this through with the staff. I have seen this done before, so there is no way they can say no, especially since the table has already been paid for by me.

If you are interested or want to talk about pricing, please comment bellow or send me a PM as soon as possible!
Thank you!!

~ Maru-sha

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