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Originally Posted by jukebox View Post
What I do wish people would remember is that for day to day streetwear, LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. Unless they are made from a thicker material like woven acrylic or wool and therefore totally opaque, people should not wear them as pants. Especially if they don't have shapewear on underneath or don't do squats often. Just put some shorts or a skirt or a long tunic-like shirt on, people.
You are still saying that people should not wear leggings unless their bodies look a certain way. The purpose of shapewear is to look thinner. I can see how people mistook your meaning.

Unpopular opinion: As long as people are not breaking any public indecency laws, what they choose to wear falls squarely into the category of nobody else's damn business.

See this is what really bugs me about this thread. Everyone is entitled to have opinions like, "I think X is unflattering" or "I don't like Y". But this thread is full of statements like "people should not wear X as pants" and "Y should go die in a fire" implying that one's own opinion should be imposed on the world. It's really obnoxious. But it's my own fault for reading the stupid thread.

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