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Someone said I'm right, quick, everyone, it's a sign of the end of the world!

Kidding aside, I'll make sure to spread the word when I get there. Debating on which cosplay I love more, I may be Aerith for two days. Everyone either loves her or hates her! =D

Progress wise, I'm getting there. Annoying parts like patterning are almost done. Today will be a sewing day for Marth's tunic and Aerith's jacket v2.0. Then all that's left are Aerith's dress and Marth's cape plus some accessories. I can't wait to have them done and to be down in Austin!

Also, this talk of photoshoots is reminding me, I'm not professional or anything even close... but I always bring my cute little camera! If anyone wants a picture, just ask. :3 I know I've come home from a con without a single picture to post of myself or I can't find any that where taken and I'm sad. So please abuse my camera!
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