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Looks good Arbite! Keep it up!

Thursday Arms

Warm up Curls- cold weather here demands some additional warm up.
All sets of curls usually break down into sets of 10-15 reps each of the 3 types traditional, hammer or side
15x40 reps
25x30 reps
35x32 reps
45x20 reps
55x15 x 10 x 15 3 sets mostly hammer due to weight

W Bar= a variation of the EZ bar, here I decided to alternate between wide and close grip as noted below. Bar weighs about 15-20lbs but counted it as 15 as included with below weights.
35lbs 20 close grip/12 wide
65lbs 15 close/12 wide
85 15 wide/5 close
At this point decided to separate into sets wide and close instead of one big one.
x10 close
x15 wide
x10 close

Burn out sets at 65lbs
x23 close
x20 wide


Rope Pull Downs

100x20 x 25 2 sets
120x22 x 20 x15 3 sets

Skull Crushers with W bar
65lbs 3 sets of 8

Dips 4 sets of body weight for 10 reps

Today was Back


Attempted 405 with no joy, just wasn't my day. Decided to work 365 for sets.
3 more sets of 3 and one set for 1 rep. Last rep felt off and decided to cut it there before form went bad.

Close grip Lat Pull Down
180 3 sets of 10

Dumbell Row face down on bench-Bench at 45 degree angle, dumbells rowed up to hip level
30lb dumbells 2 sets for 8,10
40lbs dumbells 2 sets for 10

Back Hyper-Extensions
1 set at body weight for 10 reps
3 sets with 20lbs bar 10 reps each

Next week I am backing down the weight on deadlift and working on my base more, working sets of 315/365 trying to get 5-6 reps a set.
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