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I Finally have everything paid for badge, flight, hotel room. Has anyone stayed at the JW Marriott? I was wondering how that hotel is.
Before I begin, you mentioned that you had already paid for the J.W. Marriott hotel?

You may want to to wait until AX opens up the hotel at convention rates. (Which is a lot cheaper than paying the full price.)

The J.W. Marriott is probably the fanciest of all the downtown hotels in LA, but it doesn't come cheap. It is also the closest hotel though to the convention center. It's only a few minutes walk to the convention center. (A big plus for cosplayers.)

The hotel lobby is quite nice, and very fancy. The room are quite nice as well.

The restaurants are very expensive, so if you are looking for cheap eats, this isn't the place. People have paid from $50 to $100 per meal at some of their fancy restaurants.

The hotel also charges $38 a day for parking, if you plan to park your car overnight.

I had some issues with the hotel security chief, Mr. Mark Blackburn last year though. He was being a jerk selectively to cosplayers who were staying at the hotel. (I wrote a formal letter of complaint to the management.about it, and they did apologize)

Is this your first AX?

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