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Been a busy past couple of weeks with work and the holidays so I haven't been able to post anything. Had to take last week off because my wrists were majorly bothering due to the change of seasons (I broke my wrists when I was a kid so they always give me issues when it starts to get colder), but went in this week pretty strong. I'll post yesterday's workout since I don't think you'd want to see a complete wall of text on the screen. Anyway yesterday was shoulders and legs (I had a client to tutor so I wasn't able to get a full leg workout in). My last set is always a drop set. Also note that I have a preference towards machines and cables since dumbbells are never available -_-

Lateral Raise (machine)
50lbs 12reps
60lbs 12 reps
70 lbs 12 reps
80 lbs 11 reps
90 lbs 10 reps
100 lbs 8 rep
60 lbs 8 reps

Shoulder press (machine)
105lbs 12 reps
120lbs 12 reps
135lbs 11 reps
150lbs 8 reps
90lbs 8 reps

Rear Delt Row (single) [Not really sure about the weight on these. the machine just gives numbers, but I don't really know if they correspond to lbs, kg or some other random unit of mass. It's not really clear....]
18(lbs?kg?) 12 reps
20 12 reps
22 10 reps
24 8 reps
14 8 reps

Standing Shrug
90lbs ea side 12 reps
115lbs ea 10 reps
125lbs ea 9 reps
135lbs ea 8 reps
90lbs ea 8 reps

Not sure what these are called, it's like a lateral raise (with cables) but your upper body is parallel to the floor and knees are bent. Really hard to do actually >_<
7 lbs 12 reps
10 lbs 11 reps
13 lbs 8 reps
7 lbs 8 reps

Hack slide (so scared of doing too much weight with this >_< )
360lbs 12 reps
410lbs 11 reps
450lbs 10 reps
500lbs 10 reps
no drop set

standing calf raises
105 12
120 12
135 12
150 10
165 8
90 8

Side not: I need to rework my bicep and shoulder routine. Not sure if it's as effective as it should be
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