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Originally Posted by -Alicè- View Post
Maybe unpopular opinion:

I understand why everyone's upset about that school shooting that just happened. But I wish people would stop focusing on how much of a 'dick' the guy was.

Seriously, he was mentally ill. There was something very VERY wrong with him. Something that no one caught or cared about. He had a mental breakdown and snapped. What upsets me is that his breakdown was compleatly preventable had he gotten the help he needed.

You can feel for the victims and pray for their families exc, but I wish people would focus a little bit on bring attention to mental illness. This would be a perfect time to try and combat the stigma against things like depression and bring to light the fact that things like this ARE treatable, school shootings ARE preventable, and no one should ever feel backed into a corner enough that they shoot a school full of children.

/A tad sleep deprived, so if you could make sense of this then you're fantastic.
^exactly the media likes to put a sigma on everything
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