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Originally Posted by Shannynn View Post
How about more photoshoot locations? There is so much space that can be used... There are many nice spots around the Sheraton and the Crowne Plaza that are practically being wasted, for instance. Some of the current locations are terrible. Some are jammed right next to the road, have bad lighting for photography, or make certain areas overcrowded and hard to walk (or breathe) in. Sure, people can complain about walking, but it's not like there isn't a shuttle bus. If the information is widely available somehow (like, somewhere in the program or pocket book), people will come. As a bonus, it would mean that only those who really wanted to go to the photoshoot would go, and there wouldn't be random people passing by and joining the crowd. There's more to AN than those few spots around the TCC and Doubletree.
I'm fairly certain that if you suggested what those locations were, to the lovely people that keep that map up to date, they could likely add them to the list.
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