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I was really, really hoping for a birthday party (and I do not mean going to the bar during the hockey game because some people declined and ended up showing up anyway [just for the hockey game last year]). I've never had one and pointed this out. I've been to them and I've seen many of them having been a hostess and a server and it always saddened me because I've never experienced it. I told my friends about my birthday early November and requested a birthday party. I thought it was a reasonable request.

I thought that when Zach said that he gave my birthday list away meant that they were planning a birthday party. And I THOUGHT that it was suspicious that everyone had something to do or was going out of town. But no. It didn't eve have to be exactly on my birthday, but my birthday was conveniently on a Saturday. For the past almost two years I have planned most of everyone's birthdays. I have given gifts when I am able to or text or message and so on. On holidays such at 4th of July or Cinco de Mayo and what have you, we usually have cook outs in which I send out the invites for and sometimes prepare food for and am usually grill master for. On anime nights, once in a while I'd make a group dinner or at least provide snacks, mix drinks and so on. Let's also not forget the hours I've spent making/working on and fixing their cosplays.

Yeah well, only for it to bite me back in the ass and show that not many of the people whom I consider good friends really give a fuck. I even sent out a mass text and ASKED my own friends about a birthday party. Seriously, even my friend Beth (who is in Japan for the JET program) had suggested it to our friends. She said that our friends were pretty unreliable and lazy and I knew this but I never expected them to be this thoughtless and careless.

Out of our immediate friends, Phil and P gifted me and spent the first few moments of my birthday with me (and Bree bought my movie ticket ahead of time). Phil even joined my boyfriend and me for dinner and provided me with an awesomely delicious cake in which I gave a huge slice to our server (so I did in fact enjoy some parts of the day and can't be thankful enough for them). Whereas the others (except Randy) didn't even bother to text me or post on my facebook page saying happy birthday. One of them even told me before hand that my birthday was too close to the holidays. NO IT'S NOT. It's in the middle of December, usually during finals week (in which case my immediate friends are no longer in college), and a good week before most people start taking off work or heading out of town for the holidays. He even suggested that we'd throw a party in January. I'm sorry but no. That's way after my birthday and Zach's birthday is in January. It's his day (and everyone else has their birthdays to follow relatively soon). Mine passed. I gave everyone a heads up way ahead of time. !@#$ you. It's not like I wanted to go to the bar or have some giant celebration at a restaurant. I would've been fine with a gathering of what I though were good friends with a few movies and stuff at home.

I'm not saying I expect kindness to be returned every time I do something nice, most of the time I do do it because I am a nice person, but this is where I draw the line. I'm sorry if it doesn't seem to show some times and I know that I can be a bitch but this is one of the reasons why. For the past 25 years, my birthday never fails to show me who my true friends are. I gets my hopes up and cry every year. And, even with what I've written, I cannot even begin to describe how terribly hurt I've felt. It meant a lot to me.

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