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Greetings, it is I, the Great King of Evil and I have
returned once more to make all Hyrule bow to my will
(so long as no floppy-hat-wearing heroes show up).

*ahem* Hello, I ran the Zelda gathering at Fanime for the last two years and I'm happy to be returning for my third time hosting. I hope to see a lot of great new costumes as well as the return of old favorites.

On to business. The big bummer this year is that construction of the new extension to the convention center will still be ongoing during Fanime '13, and there will be even less space for the con than there was last year. The good news is that as of yet, this doesn't affect the little nook by the Marriott where our gathering's been held the last few years. Then again, we seem almost too big for that space now! So I figure that's a question I'll float out to you, the people. Do we like our traditional gathering spot? (If so, we need to stake our claim early.) Or do we want try a new location?

I wonder if we crossed the 60+ attendee threshold to be considered a Large Gathering, which would give us priority for location selection. Wonder if we can get photo-proof of that...

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