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Its all about making it a priority and trying to balance working out with all of your other responsibilities. I have been fortunate recently, being that I have been able to work out basically 5 days a week in this last month or so. This doesn't always happen and its not necessary for the average person wanting to lose weight or even gain. But I am wanting to focus on some other areas I had since neglected like shoulders. In all honesty if you go 3 times a week and build a routine around the big 3, deadlift, bench press and squats you can get pretty good results. Either by doing all 3 in the same day like Arbite or separating it out like me. Both approaches are valid and it comes down to what works for you.

So it comes down to planning, prioritizing and determined execution. Find a way to work it in your schedule, sometimes go in the morning, others in the evening. Trying to get in a work out whatever your goal. Even if its just 20-30 minutes at home. Tell yourself you need to work out 3 times a week minimum and put a plan in action to get it done. And motivation is important, put up a picture of the character you want to cosplay as. Put it in your room, by the fridge etc. Just as a reminder and an extra boost.

What are your current fitness goals Slap?
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