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Building A Plan

Lots of people here ask about how to build a plan for working out. Its all about the basics. And in my opinion is that you should work out 3 times a week at a minimum. Some I am sure will disagree with me but not everyone can get in the gym or has the time 5 days a week. Trust me, 3 times can get it done whether you want to lose fat or gain size. Its in how you train, how you eat and your determination level for success.

This particular plan is based on having a gym available.Exercise wise the basics now and forever will be bench press, deadlift and squats. These exercises will help you build a good base for any level of physical fitness.

There are varying approaches to this:

For example Arbite is doing all 3 in one day and does them several times a week. Many people train this way, in fact this is the exact routine used by the University of Houston power lifting team/club. I hope Arbite will chime in here with additional information and plan guidelines and ideas.

In my case I do one of the big 3 and add in accessory type exercises. For example:

Chest I will do a variation of bench press either flat or incline. Alternating between barbell(only when I have a spotter), smith machine or dumbell. I typically work this as my main exercise 8 sets including warm up. Normally 5-6 working sets. I then typically go to the one I didn't focus on, if I do incline as my main I then work flat for 4-5 sets. Normally going to some kind of flyes after either in the peck deck machine or cables. Or I will do Incline Press and then move to the cable machine and do sets at low, middle and high settings. Variety is key for growth for me and most people.

Legs wise I focus on squats so I do them 1st. I do not go low, I go to parallel as if I am sitting in a chair, that's it. Have a bad right knee and not wanting to tempt fate. I still get all the benefit I need for quads. Then I typically work accessories around that. Usually I go to leg press and then to leg extension and hamstring curls. But if my quads feel taxed enough or I want to work my hamstrings more I will go to hamstring curls, stiff legged deadlift or feet very close together on the leg press.

Back- Deadlift will sculpt the back without a doubt. Mostly accessory wise here I like to work rows with dumbells or cables. Lat pull down of course is always a staple exercise.

In the case of having only 3 days to work out you can add certain things in. Chest days you can add triceps if you like as they are the secondary muscle used in presses and chest related movements. You can do 2-3 exercises per chest and another 2-3 for triceps. Back days people tend to add biceps there as they are worked in various back movements. Legs you can kind of do solo, better to just focus on legs, if you add something make it totally unrelated like shoulders.

Ladies do not be afraid to do these exercises, they will not get you big and bulky.

1. You do not have the testosterone to make this happen naturally.


2. You would need to eat a large amount of protein and carbs to even facilitate growth on that level.

Guys: The difference in this routine for gaining size and losing weight has 2 main factors. The weight/rep scheme you use and the diet plan you follow.

Please keep in mind this is a generalized version of what I do for myself and certain clients. When building a plan keep in mind what you want to be showing off. In the case of a Ryu or someone in a gi you have upper chest and arms prevalent. While those areas are key to that character it is about bringing the full package. In my case I currently doing a Hulk build and after that I want to do a Sacrificial Engineer from the opening of Prometheus. I have to be on target in all areas.

If requested I can do a similar write up on this thread for people without equipment or access to a gym. This would be based around what I do with some of my in home training clients.

If anyone else here, Arbite,Em1nAI or others have anything to offer please add your thoughts here. All views on building a plan are welcome and appreciated.

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