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Originally Posted by Badkitty4960 View Post
Is it possible to win best in show if your a single cosplayer for your skit? Or is best in show reserved for groups only?
It depends on the style of convention. It's always wise to research the competition you are entering.

From experience I've seen both types of entries win at various venues. For example:

At Fan Expo, Canada's largest multi-genre expo, (91,000 attendees), over all the years of masquerade solo entries have won 50% of the Best In Shows.

I've never run the numbers for Anime North, but I know that Anime North's masquerade has been won by Solo's, Duos, and Groups over the years. I have won in all these group types before I was the director.

Likewise I have often seen solo competitors win at Costume-Cons

People are often intimidated by entering solo, but a lone costume presented in the correct way can be very striking and have great presence.

Big group entries can be impressive in size but remember a group is only as strongest as it weakest link.
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