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All done with the switch, well, everything except some Pentax gear sitting at the local shop under consignment and this 14mm f2.8 lens I've having trouble selling at a reasonable price.

I decided to stick with primes for my main lenses and also went with the D600 instead of the D800 (wish I would have waited for that current D600 deal going on, but oh well...).

20mm f2.8
28mm f1.8
50mm f1.8
85mm f1.8
70-210mm f4

Quantity wise, a lot less gear than I had with Pentax, but the properties of the D600 itself more than makes up for anything I'm missing. So far I'm getting consistent AF, which was an important hope with the switch.

The D600 isn't too much larger than the D7000. My main gripe is that the grip feels a bit short due to a lot of the weight being on the left, but it is manageable.

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