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Since I'm not the best with picking specific characters for certain people I'm just going to list the general physical characteristics of certain characters from an anime that I think would be fun to cosplay. I am only giving extremely basic descriptions for the main characters. If anyone has heard of Princess Resurrection you might recognize these characters:

1. Hiro- boy with brown hair who I believe is between the ages of 11-13.
2. Hime- member of the Royal Family of demons/dark supernatural creatures. She does seem to have emotions in the anime but due to her role she hides them almost constantly (you would need to watch the anime to understand her personality). She wears gothic clothes, has a curvy figure and long blonde hair.
3. Flandre/Flan- tiny, very strong robotic servant girl. She is very cute, wears a sort of maid's outfit and has very light/pale blondish hair. I personally think this would be a great cosplay for a little girl, especially if she is shy or not particularly expressive.
4. Sawawa- Hiro's sister and Hime's maid. She has long brown hair and very large breasts.
5. Riza Wildman- tomboy girl with a tan and short bright red hair. She also had wolf arms that come out due to her being part werewolf.
6. Reiri- is a female vampire who appears to be/acts like she is Hiro's age. She is pale, wears a short sleeved navy dress and had dark eyes w/ long dark hair.
7. Sherwood- Hime's younger sister. She looks a lot like Hime with a middle school girl's body rather than a woman's due to her age.

The only thing that might really be useful about this list is it gives options for four different, natural hair colors.
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