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"Mom, you don't understand. This cosplay is more important than my cell phone bill!" -Yeah. I've sacrificed my cell phone for the sake of cosplay. xD

"As long as you don't show up with a fake male anatomy in your pants, I'll be fine." <-My mother's reaction when I told her I wanted to crossplay.

"Should I cut my hair or should I let it grow? But then it won't fit into my wig cap!" -Insert moment of panic here; I was debating on this after I looked at my wigs and then noticing how long my hair is now. I've been wanting to grow my hair out forever because I just look better with long hair.

"My body is my temple and therefore I should be allowed to decorate it how I want!"
Friends were slightly concerned about me getting another tattoo and how it will affect my cosplays.
Future Cosplays
Queen Victoria (Black Butler)]

Future Cons
Daisho-Con 2016 [All Days]
Con-Alt-Delete 2016 [All Days]
Katsucon 2017 [All Days]
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