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Cool Nikon D600/800: Lens suggestions

Hello dear photographing fellows. I'm about to join you on the journey to convention photography. I've taken many shots that I'm really pleased with but I'm only in a few weeks recieving my own proper equipment.

My question is about the lenses you bring specifically to shooting photos at a convention. (TLDR:) If you could bring ~3 lenses, which ones would you bring?

Conventions are often quite dark in-doors and objects you want to take photos of are often moving or far off (on-stage, posing several meters off, dancing, doing a skit). Groups you want to take photos of are often in a hurry to go somewhere else. Ocasionally you get a hold of a really good cosplayer and ask them for a longer shoot at a better looking/lit area.

Following these criterias I've considered a whole bunch of different lenses with the base of varied distance to the "target" & mostly indoor photography with often only half decent lighting.

I have an older Nikon d3000 and a Nikon d600/d800 next convention.

Nikon AF-S 50/1,8G
Nikon AF-S 85/1,8G
Nikon AF-S 70-200/2,8G IF-ED VR II

Especially interested in the last one but because of the price considering cheaper versions. Ideas about that are really appreciated. I've tried these lenses and damn they produce good results in my opinion. But which lenses would you bring? And what do you think defines a good lens for a convention photographer?

I know it all comes down to yourself, your goals and your opinions. What that's just what I want to hear, but from you. List a couple of favorites and a short motivation
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