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My personal setup for a con at which I don't plan to shoot stage is generally : my Canon 50D (crop body) + 35/2.0 + 50/1.4. No flash. It fits in a small bag, it's not a hassle to carry around all day, and yes I find it important to be mobile. Primes have the advantage of size, as well as the advantage of wider aperture, which is very important when working with available light only.
I mostly use the 35 lately because I mostly do full body shots, but if I have the space I'll use the 50 instead (better image quality and better autofocus).
I'll take my 24-105/4 zoom with me if I plan to shoot stage. I only shoot stage if I find the stage to be worth it, though : neutral background and good lights. I don't think that a poorly lit stage makes for interesting photos, anyway. I'll have to get another lens for stage when I go full frame though, 105 mm is certainly not long enough.
This year, I've been shooting a lot less stage than previous years, except I could do it at Japan Expo, and it was just awesome ! It's hard to beat the lights of the ECG - they had two rehearsals before the final, and it really shows. And now, I'm spoiled, and would like all cosplay on stage to be lit like that.

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