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Hotel Reviews

This page is to post any positive and negative feedback about your past hotel experiences.

Double Tree 2012

-you get a warm, delicious chocolate chip cookie when you check in
-troll use are available for luggage
-the front desk staff and attendants are wonderful and pleasant and really seem to enjoy the con-goers!

-The security staff by the elevators is rather rude and ridiculous. Me and my mother (an avid con-goer herself) were heading up to our hotel room. We only got 2 room cards when we checked in so my mother and step-mother each had one. My mother showed him the key card and we proceeded to an elevator when he physically put his arm aroind my shoulder telling me I couldn't go. Neither I, not my mother, take kindly to staff touching us in any unneccessary way. She explained I was her daughter and we were in the same room. He said I wasn't allowed up to my room. She then rushed me past and proceeded to tell him that he was ridiculous. The DT shouldn't charge for more than 2 key cards if each person much show one.

-on the Sunday, checkout is earlier than the end of the con, so we asked if there was a place we could store out luggage for several hours (as we had previously at other hotels). Th front desk directed us to a place at the end of the hotel. When we arrived there a rude staff member told us it was a $2 charge per pag/parcel ($2x4 people's luggage + cooler +cosplay items = expensive). We had not been told there would be a charge by the front desk so we were rather upset. The man was extremely rude and detogatory towards us as well. We had no otger option and paid for our luggage storage, but our luggage was not tagged PT even put into a room. It was messily clustered together with other's luggage and could easly be stolen or mid-taken. We complained to the front desk who was calm and kind and promptly sent down a manager to deal with the disgruntled worker.

-the Saturday night, I couldn't sleep so I walked aroun the hotel and managed to find a quiet hallway, which I sat down in and began to play on my phone. A worked then began yelling that I had to get up and I couldn't be around the regular hotel areas. He asked if I was a guest there and told him yes I was, to which he told me he didn't believe me and to move or he would call security.
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