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I've got two I can post from 2011 and 2012;
2011; Raddison hotel
Pros; HUGE suite rooms, small fridge, interesting layout for the bathroom that gives you a sort of hallway with a large mirror and second sink- great for getting cosplays on when you're sharing a room because you're not all jostling for the bathroom.
Cons; To be honest, I have none. The only bad thing that happened to us wasn't related to the staff in general or hotel policies. (There's a reason it sold out in TWO DAYS last year...)

2012; Doubletree Hotel
Pros; Free delicious cookie, as stated above, pool, lots of other amenities, right on top of the con since it's in the same hotel, staff are very friendly (although we generally only deal with them at checkin and checkout. We keep the Do Not Disturb up all weekend to avoid any possible mishaps with staff and our cosplay stuff or money)

Cons; TINY rooms! Their King bed is a short Queen at best, and not enough blankets (we had a room party on Sunday, totalling seven people in a quad room, annnd there was hardly enough space- two people sat on the settee, one on the arm of it or on the floor, three across the bed and one in the one armchair). Also very small trash/recycling receptacles. The key-card elevator security is there for a reason but a pain, especially if you're carrying things. Or (no, I do NOT condone it, FYI) if you intend to put extra people in your room- at the DT, it's not happening and like hell you'll have room.
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