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I haven't worked out in awhile because I have a daily athletics class + basketball practice for about 3hr for five days a week at school, but this is/was my usual afternoon/weekend workout:

(I do all of this with 5-pound weights on each leg.)
-45 seconds of push-ups.
-120 crunches(10 normal, 10 reach for the knee, 10 put legs straight in the air while flat on my back and reach for my ankles; I do this in a pattern until I get to 120).
-5 push ups.
-1 minute of bicycles.
-10 kicks on each leg.
-30 Reverse Crunches
-5 push ups.
-45secs. of this toe touch thing my couch got from beach body.
-10 kicks per leg.
-45secs. leg climbers for each leg.
-5 push-ups.
I'm skipping putting down a few things because I made them up myself, but they do work, so I still use them in my workouts.
-45secs. In-Outs
-10 kicks per leg.
-20 Reverse Crunches
-5 push-ups.
-120 crunches.
-5 push-ups.
-45 kicks on each leg(with leg weights)
-5 push-ups.
-30 Squat Jumps.

And then there's the morning workouts that I use to do before I started to get ready for school that took not even 15 minutes.

-120 crunches.
-60secs. Bicycle
-20 push-ups.
-45secs. in-outs.
-45 kicks per leg(no weights).

I'm a workout junkie sometimes, hehe. What can I say? lol C:
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