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Originally Posted by Sokar View Post
For example Arbite is doing all 3 in one day and does them several times a week. Many people train this way, in fact this is the exact routine used by the University of Houston power lifting team/club. I hope Arbite will chime in here with additional information and plan guidelines and ideas.
I would also recommend to incorporate the OHP. Personally, I would say the standing barbell press is the vastly superior version of all the presses, be they seated/standing, dumbell or barbell. There are a number of reasons why I believe this.

You'll find those who bench heavy, without doing press work (of any form) will have a slight slouch in their posture, from overworking the anterior delts, without much work on the lateral or posterior sections. Not only can it look rather funny, but it can also cause issues and injuries as well as back soreness later on. The standing press also helps build the midsection, if you can OHP more than 50kilos with proper form, I guarantee you will have a strong core, especially obliques. In fact, squats, deadlifts and OHP will give you some serious abs, you won't have to do a situp if you are doing these lifts properly.

This is Konstantin Konstantinovs, basically all he does is deadlift. Possibly the greatest core of anyone alive. This man does very few weighted crunches, if any.

I choose to lift three times a week and do my these lifts on the same day rather than a split simply because I prefer it, I can get to the gym three times a week and work all my major muscle groups in a reasonably short time, and still show serious progress. I did a four day split for a while, but simply felt that I wasn't getting a good enough workout. My program however, is more focused toward strength, rather than bodybuilding, (though strength and size are really not exclusive). I also choose to incorporate olympic lifts (clean, Clean & Jerk, Snatch and their derivatives), though these are complicated and the chance of injuring yourself without proper form is high. However, they will get you seriously strong, seriously fast. They pretty much incorporate every major muscle group.

The body of a man who focuses on olympic lifts.

Over a week, I do 6, maybe 7 excercises. These include, Squat (3x a week), deadlift (1-2x), bench press (1-2x), OHP (1-2x), Power Clean/Clean and Jerk (1x), Weighted Chins (1x), and occasionally dumbell or pendlay rows.

An example for me would be:


2-3 warmup sets. Generally, 40%, 60%, then 80% of my working weight x5.
Then I'll do about 80% of the weight I did on friday, this is because on days that I deadlift, I will squat lighter so I'm a bit less tired for them, they use similar muscles.

Finally, 3 sets of 5(ish) at my working weight, with 2-4 minutes of rest between sets.

Warmup same as squats.
Working weight, 3x5.

This is a seriously draining lift, and is generally left until last.
I'll spend more time warming up on this, adding 20kg each set, while doing one less rep.
40kg x5
60kg x4
80kg x3
100kg x2

Working weight only needs one set, and trust me, if your doing your deads right, you won't want to do more.

120(ish) x 5.

Occasionally I'll go for a one rep max, adding 5 kilos for singles until i physically can't lift anymore.

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