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Originally Posted by AsukaBlue View Post
for the horns, I made a test run for DragonCon (for funsies) that held up pretty well.

Find a malleable head band (I went to Joanne's Fabric and got a craftfoam princess crown, and trimmed it down) and build from that. soft, preferably, because even though mine was foam - it still gave me a headache after a while.

for the horns, I used a foam heart - cut in half. sanded a little bit and shaped with a dremel. coated in modpodge, as foam will melt when spraypainted.

I mounted the horns to the princess crown with screw pins, and they worked REALLY well. threw some model magic on there while watching television, let it dry - spray painted it with metallic krylon; done.

theyre not accurate, and done in a hurry on a whim - but the construction test proved them to be stable and durable!

best of luck!
Yikes, so I ran into this months later, hopefully someone replies. But hey! So I'm in the process of doing my own version of a Lolita-style Loki, and I began the same way you did, miraculously ran into the heart-shaped foam at Hobby Lobby. I even bought two just in case I messed up, and ended up with two really...not the shape I wanted results, but Hobby Lobby is pretty far away and I don't want to put all of my money into the headpiece because the outfit itself is going to cost me a fortune.

ANYWAY, as I'm rambling, your foam princess crown idea is really interesting. I'm working with paperclay to mold out the horns, so did you build up on the foam? I was just wondering if I would have to go through the whole paper mache, then paperclay process all over again and if the foam was durable enough to carry added material. Any tips are appreciated!

Also, are the screw pins you talk about the same thing as 'twist pins'? Looks like a thumbtack but with a twisted nail end? I've been wondering how to attach the horns to the headpiece itself...
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