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-HUGE rooms (I dont usually stuff rooms but 2012 we didn't have a choice and got 6 people with a tonne of luggage (Nominochi) in with no problem)
-separate 'beauty' area from bathroom with HUGE mirror (4 people can do makeup all together at once)
-huge King bed (3 people can sleep on it if you want) AND pull out
-staff was pleasant and respected the sign on the door of not wanting anything changed, and though we were asked about it as we left the room all days, when we said no, they respected that...

-not a lot of counter space outside of the long vanity counter for the mirror, in fact, almost none
-no sink IN the bathroom (I dont know about you guys but having to open the bathroom door without washing your hands is NASTY, I have been tempted to use/ask the others in the room to use the tub tap to wash hands before leaving the bathroom)
-checkout line on Sunday is INSANE (stood in it for over an hour in 2012)
-no/VERY SMALL room for luggage check (booked one of my rooms for Sunday night just so we can store everything in 2013, the other 2 will be checked out of at 9am or earlier)
-service can be slow Sundays and sometimes they don't have their story straight (2011 the toilet stopped flushing around 4am, called and asked to get it fixed, was told guy would be in a 8am, 8:30 no one, so called again, told they didn't start til 9 on Sundays, 9:30 no one, called again, told they didn't start til 11 on Sundays... finally about 11:15 someone showed up... meanwhile I stayed in the room to make sure I didn't get charged for anything because of this... checkout wasn't an issue however as by the time we got out every one else was pretty much checked out)
-only 2 check out/in desks, resulting in the above check out insanity...

Overall: A- it has a few flaws but for the price and size and location its amazing and I fully understand why its sold out so fast each year... I dred booking for 2014 because it gets sold out faster each year, any faster and it will sell out BEFORE the previous years con!
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