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Better handling of the pre-reg line. I know the AN team is working on this, I just felt it should be said.

Honestly, a better guest lineup. I don't care if this sounds selfish, I feel like our suggestions aren't even being paid attention to when we have 3/4 of a guest list filled with people no one's heard of or asked for or people who have little to no actual relevance to what the con is about. Nothing is keeping the guest relations people from getting some of these popular, frequently requested guests they've supposedly been trying to get for years but conveniently never do--let's face it, they cannot possibly all be too busy or uninterested or difficult to contact.

Continued control over the bass levels at the outdoor dance. It was handled well this year, but it could be done a bit better, especially since it was more obnoxious and painful than ever on Friday. When people complain of pain in their ears and are feeling the beat rattle their chest from 50 feet away, IT'S TOO DAMN MUCH.

Less insane pricing and repetition in the Dealers Room. Quite frankly, I'm sick of seeing, say, 20 tables of the same creepy dakimakura, $50 pricetags on tiny figurines, Pocky priced at anything over $2, etc.

Being able to register a unique alias to put on my badge. I just really don't like putting my full name down on it.

More photoshoot locations, and more space reserved for the Homestuck shoots. There's no avoiding it, the Homestuck shoots at any given con in the past two years have been more massive than any shoots in cosplay history. Naturally, we're gonna need much more space in 2013.

Just one recognizable band in attendance. It'd be a nice change of pace from unknown Japanese indie bands and Toronto-based ones who are anything but Japanese no matter how hard they may try.

On a minor personal note, more cosplayers representing lesser-appreciated great shows and games.
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