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Raddisson (stayed in 2008 & 2010)
+ Spacious rooms
+ Most comfortable and warm beds of the hotels I've stayed in
- No pool
- Line up for check-out is a really long wait

Holiday Inn @ the 401 (stayed in 2011)
+ More calm, quiet pool
+ Cleaning staff are very attentive and friendly. I forgot my glasses in the room at check-out and when the staff came in to clean, they found them, kept them in a store room for safekeeping and the front desk were able to get them back for me very quickly.
+ Close to Perkin's, which is affordable and delicious
- Perkin's staff can be awful. We had dinner there on Friday night and our waittress was patronizing, aggressive, got people's orders wrong and then completely ignored our table, and then got mad and insulted some of us as we were leaving.
- Baggage check is unattentive/irresponsible. Someone I know checked a bag of his photog equipment on the Sunday, explicitly asked the staff to treat it as fragile, and got the bag back with the front end smooshed up
- Bathroom was incredibly small
- The bill for our hotel booking ending up being more than the charge we were quoted and the staff were refusing and rude about our attempts to raise questions about it

Doubletree (stayed 2012, will be staying 2013)
+ Delicious cookie at check-in
+ Pool with slide and spacious hot tub
+ Very yummy cafe with really friendly staff!
+ Convenient to get to con
- Rude security at elevators
- Rates seems a little steep given the rooms are kinda small
- It can be really easy to miss out on things happening across the highway because you're so close to the main part of the con. Also it's a longer walk to more reasonably-priced sit-down dinner food like Jack's and BP
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