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I'm making Daniella and struggling to find a good wig base for her. So, I'm thinking of colouring a wig myself (to be exact, I found the perfect wig for her that I'd just need to put the curls in, but it was 50/$82 annnnd I'm not willing to spend that much) - Daniella

My question is, what would be a good wig colour to start with? I have a darkish silver wig, and I'm wondering if that would be too dark for the purple?

Also, I'll need to add those curls in. I'm not entirely sure of the technique I'm going to use for that, but several of the techniques is to use a curling iron or curl it round something and wash it was hot water. Will the inks be effected by either of those techniques? (the third technique is clue and wire, and I'm not too worried about that)
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