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my first time at a convention was in my Alice madness returns costume. I had almost no hair, no wig as I blew all my money on the costume and ticket for the con, and no makeup skills. Still people complimented me despite the fact I was a really sorry looking Alice. It was my first time out being my true self in public for many years though. I have been out as myself before but got chased back into the closet by bigots. I am a MtF transgender. raised Female for 12 years then forced back to male I have struggled my entire life with my true identity. Conventions allowed me to be free. Now I just got this Lolita outfit and its been7 months since that sad convention I did. My confidence is better but I am not sure I can pull off a Lolita. I want to because my heart is Victorian. it always has been if you seen my steampunk outfit I had at my first steampunk gala in Toronto a few days ago which was my first time out since May. I got a ride to the convention in May but I had to take public transit back and that was a horrible experience for me but I made it home. I think now I would not have it as bad as I am learning how to look a little better. This picture I took today as my first pink Lolita outfit came in today and I was so happy with it. I don't know if I can pull it off at a con but i am going to try.
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