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Okay here are some ideas:

Dialogue of Alice talking about her fall into madness and you can switch between the characters. Regular Alice can explain the true wonders of Wonderland and how she got there. Hysteria Alice can explain the horrors of wonderland....
London Alice can explain how she wants to forget all the madness or how the true madness is and Wonderland Alice can explain the horror madness of Wonderland.

For a more comedic route you can have a tea party of some sort...Tea Time with Alice!
Mention how the tea party is lame because there is no Mad Hatter and so on.

There's always the dance option? Perhaps like a mirror dance but with subtle differences depending on which Alice's you choose.

I hope this some what helps you out! Whatever you end up choosing to do I wish you the best of luck! (i really love Alice: Madness Returns)
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