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Commission by: blueangel17


Character: Sebastian Michaelis, Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji. I had his jacket and vest ordered.
Vest Front
Vest Back

Review: I was on a very tight deadline, actually just a little over 30 days! I was very impressed that she was able to process everything, and even a few days to spare! The quality alone would have been worth waiting two or three times for.. The material is very nice, and very sturdy. It felt like quality work, not a flimsy costume I'd be afraid to stretch in. The color was spot on for the character too! The fit is perfect, and the vest is even a little adjustable. The buttons were just plain silver, though I'm sure if I had a longer deadline I could have requested more detailed ones.

All in all, she was a joy to work with! I never had to worry about getting a reply to any questions, and even after the hurricane had past she was able to send it out to me on such a short time. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good quality costume! ♥

Final Grade
: A+!
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