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Cosplay House, from what I understand.. Is VERY hit or miss. Their outfits tend to be rather good quality.. but their props and accessories? Totally suck.

I had ordered a helmet from Gundam, Char Aznable's to be exact.. I was deceived by the images they had up, and thought I was paying for a great piece of work! Of course, for the expensive price, I had imagined it would be at least decent.

But no. It was a plastic bowl. With cardboard and fun foam. I'm sorry.. but for a 250$ helmet, this is rather... Unacceptable. Heck, even the paint job was horrible! The paint was chipping everywhere! Oh, yes. And it was also impossible to wear.

Now, normally they state that there are no returns on props or costume made items. Which is.. just about everything they sell. However, they were generous enough to refund me, after I paid to ship the monstrosity back. So I only lost about 30$, instead of over 200...

I know some of their stuff can be decent, and even good.. But after that debacle, I would never, EVER recommend them. I would much rather trust a complete stranger on this forum to make me something, then that website.

So yeah, that's my experience with them!
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