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Double Tree (I've gone to this hotel almost every year I've been going to AN, so the staff know my mum and I really well. If this seems a bit biased, I'm sorry.)

~ Cookies! Can't go wrong with that.
~ Most of the staff are really kind and will help when they're needed.
~ We always get a room facing the convention, which is nice because I loke to people watch when I'm taking a break.
~ The cleeaning lady respects our privacy and also always ssays good morning/night to us.

~ The elevator security guy. I understand he's trying to keep out the riif raff, but he could be a lot nicer aboutt it.
~ ELEVATOR FOUR. At AN 2010, I got stuck in that elevator in the middle of the night. I managed to pry the doors open and get out and the hotel had a repair guy there an hour later. Still avoiding that elevator though.
~ Check n times are wonky. This year (2012), the previous people in the hotel room took an extra hour to leave, and they left a huge mess. Our check in time was 12 noon, but we ddidn't get in until 2:30pm.

Over all, the DT is alright. We don't mind the small rooms since we don't really bring that much stuff or have more than 3 people in the room. Plus we usually get the 11th floor, which is one of the quietest floors in the hotel.
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