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Originally Posted by Alice MacLeod View Post
I wanted t oget into Lolita too as Victorian era stuff is my favourite but being a MtF transgender I thought it might be pressing my luck so I went with Alice Madness Returns. However I finally said you know what I am going to attempt it and my first Lolita outfit that is not steampunk is the one in my picture. I know I need work of course but I think its pretty good. I still need to get a few more pieces for it like maybe some custom made pink shoes
It doesn't look too bad. There's a good Chinese taobao seller that does custom shoes, you could get some custom made there. I'm thinking of ordering from them because they are moderately priced. It wouldn't be so expensive with shipping added on, but might as well since you'll pay 40 or more for name brand loli shoes.

I love Victorian and the French Aristocrat style of clothing. I should get some thing made like that. ;_;
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