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SeriousTyro: Scha-weet layout ya got there

Tulipe: YAY!

And I'm in a pickle--found out TODAY that there's a secret santa at work, and since my name is already drawn, I have to participate. Got my boss, so I'm making him a necktie from Avengers fabric Hey, it's home-made, so he better appreciate it, lol :P

EDIT: Tie is done! I totally cheated by hand-stitching the smaller end flat instead of to a point. I used interfacing instead of full lining and just lined the bottom in navy blue satin. Buuuttt lets see if anyone besides a seamstress can tell the difference ;3

You know you live in a nerdy family when---you have an argument with your mom over who would win in a battle between Iron Man and Batman :P

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