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Hey, ladies! I spent much of yesterday working on my Maid Snow White; I tattered the hem of the skirt with scissors and sandpaper (it turned out really well!), interfaced the sleeves so they actually stand up now, and got most everything put together. I just have to sew in the 2nd sleeve, finish the lining, and do a little more distressing, then the dress will be finished! The only other things will be the wig (which I'll probably order after finishing her princess dress as well), the bow, and the shoes.

As far as the bow, I want to make it like this bowtie, so I'm trying to find a good (free) pattern that I can use for it.

Shoes-wise, I want to get real Dutch clogs, but they're kind of pricey! I'm looking at having to shell-out at least $50 to get a nice pair. DX I know I won't be getting them any time soon!
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