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Originally Posted by Mangochutney View Post
Getting a crappy photo taken of me is not a big deal. There are hundreds of awful ones of me. Getting my actively-expressed wishes deliberately pissed on is.

It's not the photo. It's getting a personal demonstration that saying no means fuck-all. Think about that before you dismiss it as a subject worthy of concern, guy.
That's a really emotionally driving statement when viewed on its own... The problem with that statement is that in this situation, your opinion, "actively-expressed" or otherwise, does mean "fuck-all". You don't get to decide whether or not someone can take a photo of you if you're in a public place. No one does, its a risk you take when you enter public view. Go ahead, look up the laws if you don't believe me.

This isn't a concept that is exclusive to cosplay and conventions nor do you get extra rights to privacy just because you're wearing a silly costume, this pertains to everyday life too and is a pretty widely known fact, that is the reason it's not worth getting upset about. No one is saying that it's not rude, nor am I advocating acting that way, but if you let yourself get all worked up over every discourteous act you see then you're going to be spending a lot more time pissed off than you would enjoying life or the convention you may be attending.

Of course there is a line where this legal right stops, and anything past that line is harassment and/or invasion of privacy and should be dealt with as such, but those aren't the issues being discussed here.

On a side note... what's with the "guy" comment at the end? Gender has no bearing on anything I said or what's being discussed, unless you're confused about that, the only other explanation I can see is that it was meant to belittle my opinion as if to say 'who are you and why does your opinion matter'. To that all I'll say is, let's keep the passive-aggressive undertones to a minimum, insults do nothing but ruin what could be insightful, poignant conversation.

Originally Posted by Shirayuki~Chan View Post
And like Mangochutney said, it's really disrespectful to ignore someone's answer, especially if someone asked in the first place! Not to mention it shows your lack of social awareness, and if you can't take no for an answer you probably shouldn't be there anyways.
Alright, lets run with this... What if the photographer doesn't ask? If the person being photographed happens to notice and is offended because they didn't want to be photographed at that time, is that equally as rude? Does that also mean the photographer "shouldn't be there anyway"?
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