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Room at the Marriot~!

Hi there.

2-3 Spots left at the Marriott. Looking for a small room this year.

Right now it's just me and a good friend.

We're looking for fun people to chillax with.

About us: We're pretty quiet people. We prolly wont be staying up too too late. And we do expect the same of our roommates. (I mean please don't rock up at 4-5am screamin and yelling.)

We dont want any drugs, drunks or drama. So please leave those at the door. It's an anime convention not yelling match or a drama fest.

Fun facts:

I did book apart of the original Con block and I have requested a wheelchair accessible room for convenience.

The room will have a balcony, the balcony is NOT for smoking/screaming/yelling/illicit drug use/jumping/climbing or hanging inappropriate objects from (Please and thanks )

This is also a guaranteed room! We've already got most of it covered and thought that since the hotel is all filled up, we'd let a couple of peeps crash with us. (and maybe meet some new people!)

Shoot me a message her on Coscom, and we can reserve you a spot~~!

See you at con~!
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