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I look really girly outside of crossplay and I kinda don't like it, not because I want to look like a guy all the time (tho that wouldn't be that bad either) but always looking girly is a hassle and and inconvenience for me. But when I'm in crossplay people act kinda funny before asking me my gender like they try to tell from my voice or how I do things and I guess it doesn't give them the answer so they ask me. I don't think it's offensive in crossplay because you're doing it to portray the other gender so it's kind of a given for someone to ask you outside or crossplay shouldn't matter because how is someone's confusion or curiosity of your gender going to affect you in the long run? It doesn't. However, I do find it rather annoying if I'm trying to hold a normal conversation with someone and they are too distracted by guessing my gender.
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